PS60 Flynet


Door Flynet

PS80 Flynet Application PS80 Flynet Application

For your health, comfort and happiness

The design of flynet system is adapted to all series. It provides functional solutions by its aesthetic accessories and architectural suitability for the buildings.


• The convenient and independent features is suitable for all systems

• Adjustable for normal door and windows

• The high quality rail system is suitable for sliding series

• Laminated profiles answer to all tastes

• Swatter application against flies and insects


Application Samples


To live the excellence of the wooden view

The laminated profiles perform the best convenient options to protect our forests. Different colors are available for different tastes.

• Different colors provide perfect combinations for every decoration.

• Optimum insulation which is provided by a special folio.

• Being the optional choice instead of wood.

• The lack of handicraft for printing and glossing leads to keep the profile new over many years.

• The possibility of different views both internal and external.

Different options which are included in our wide range color alternatives:

* You are able to reach to further color alternatives at our distributors.


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