To Reflect Your Taste

You realise beautiful and aesthetics things in the life.

Interest on details ad sensibility gives great pleasure. Therefore we created the best for you to feel the small details:

A warm wellcome, security sensation, belonging for existence...



Wood grain films are manufactured by German RENOLIT exterior-films with 200 microns thickness. The sheet colours are suitable for the films.



Visible Aesthetics...

Preference models have also wood pattern covered alternatives.

You are able to further color alternatives at our distributors.

» Above you may see some of our models oak and mahagony covering options.


• Excellent vacuum forming property
• High impact resistant
• High UV and weathering resistance
• Excellent chemical resistance
• Water and moisture resistant
• Excellent mechanical properties
• Compatibility for process cutting, drilling and carving

            U-PVC Dekorative Doors Technical Data  
Properties     Values   Unit   Testing standarts
Thickness          1,5       mm      
Density       1,39-1,42/1,26    g/cm3   DIN EN ISO 1183
E-Modulus     2900/2700    Mpa   ISO 527 (50mm/min)
Impact resistance     without breakage    kj/m2   ISO 179/1 eU
Notched impact resistance   7,3/8,0      kj/m2   ISO 179/1 eU
Tensile strength           46      MPa   ISO 527 (50mm/min)
Flexural strength           80      Mpa   ISO 178 (2mm/min)
Shore - hardness        77/82       ISO 868  
Coefficient of expansion      8 . 10 -5     10 4 /K   DIN 53 752
Vicat softening point      70/78       °C   ISO 306 (B 50)
Heat distortion temperature      60/70       °C   ISO 75-2 (1,8 Mpa)
Water absorption          0,09        %   ISO 62 (after 216 h)
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